Can the conventional deposit bank buy back credits? Is this a limited approach to buying back credits? Better understand how the purchase of consumer credit works and what are the organizations for a quick loan buyout?

Can the bank buy back credits?

The bank is rarely the best interlocutor for credit buybacks. Indeed, the applicant is for her a captive customer to whom it does not offer the best rates on the market. The broker of redemption of credits makes, when to him, to play the competition between the different organizations of credit to obtain attractive rates for his customers. It is rarely attached to a single funding agency to obtain fixed and attractive lending interest rates for its clients.

In addition, banks are not very familiar with the highly specialized sector of credit buy-back, which is mainly occupied by Anglo-Saxon financial institutions that bring to the French market know-how in the redemption of credit largely unknown by French banks. Thus, most of the traditional French bankers, suspicious of their over-indebted clients or rather poorly indebted, prefer to send them to companies specializing in the redemption of credits rather than take the risk of managing these thorny and complex files.

A limited approach to credit redemption?

A credit buyback and restructuring operation , in addition to credits, may also cover other cash requirements such as: tax delays, insurance premiums and rent payments, but also personal debts . Or too large overdrafts, compensatory benefits, and family or personal loans. The redemption of balance is possible as well as the community rewards.

All cash and credit requirements will be subject to the restructuring and will be fully included in the new negotiated credit. So what are the guarantees to bring? Guarantees to be provided are: transfer on salary, life insurance and possibly mortgage of 1 or 2 scnd rank.

The purchase of consumer loans

The purchase of consumer loans

The purchase of consumer credit allows all personal credits to be pooled as cash reserves, formerly known as revolving credit, but the title of which has been banned by the government, in a single credit over a period of up to 12 years old at a very interesting rate. It is intended for tenants or owners who do not wish to renegotiate their mortgage and / or consumption.

Consumer credit is a credit granted to individuals to buy consumer goods that they could not pay in cash. There are many consumer credits, the main ones are: auto credit and equipment credit, as well as revolving credit and permanent credit, credit allocated and not allocated to a specific expense.

Consumer loans are distributed partly directly by banks and financial organizations and partly by stores and supermarkets through their loyalty cards. All these credits may be the subject of a repurchase or restructuring of credits. The new and unique monthly repayment of credit will be significantly reduced.

Organizations fast credit redemption

Organizations fast credit redemption

Ask the bank or others of the place for a free, no-obligation study. Do not wait until the situation becomes too bad because the file may be subsequently refused. Do not forget that credit redemption organizations are commercial companies and, in a way, it is they who organized household debt.

We must take a step back with all this because if customers can again blow financially, they still have to repay over a longer or shorter period, do not forget it … Personal credit is the form of credit where an individual borrows a sum of money to dispose of it freely, without this being assigned to a given operation. In other words to obtain it it is not necessary to specify the type of purchase financed, the use of funds.