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Online Application for instant credit loans 

Payday Now says that instant credit loans are loans that you can use to finance for example your new digital devices. 

In most banks, you can borrow between € 1,250 and € 100,000. However, it is best to borrow small, short-term repayable amounts to finance an unexpected purchase. This allows you to be faster owner of the object, but also to quickly get rid of your debts by adjusting your monthly payments.

They offer loans for your digital devices allowing you to borrow small amounts, such as an iPhone. Thus, you can finance the purchase and delivery of your new phone with the amount borrowed, which you repay for a period of a few months to two years. Once your loan is repaid, you own the iPhone in question.

How much can I borrow as part of an urgent credit?

No one is safe from an unexpected need for urgent credit, for example to replace an object or finance home repairs. In order to find the best electronic devices loan, it is essential to compare the offers on the Belgian market. This type of loan usually involves small amounts, which implies relatively low annual interest rates and reasonable monthly payments. However, note that the APR varies greatly from one bank to another, so it is possible to save a lot of money just by comparing offers. On OneTopNotch, you have the opportunity to perform a loan simulation and compare up to 26 electronic device loans and save up to € 1,000 by choosing the best urgent credit.

I need a computer for my studies, can I pay for it on several monthly installments?

I need a computer for my studies, can I pay for it on several monthly installments?

To finance your new laptop, you can actually apply for a personal loan. However, for the expenses related to your studies such as registration fees, the purchase of books or a language course in this context, there are student loans provided for this purpose. This type of loan can indeed be useful to finance his studies, since it makes it possible to face several types of expenses by spreading the costs over several monthly payments.

Why take an urgent credit to buy an electronic device?

Why take an urgent credit to buy an electronic device?

When you want to buy an item that you think you will keep for quite a long time, it is usually better to borrow to finance it. Indeed, it allows you to spread your monthly payments rather than spend a sizable amount of money at once. In addition, if you are in a hurry because your PC has dropped or your phone is broken, but you do not have the funds available, an electronic loan can be a solution.

Phones are nowadays more sophisticated, they are also more and more expensive. It may be worthwhile to finance your phone with a loan in order to benefit from a certain flexibility of payment. Thus, if you do not want to sacrifice your savings for the purchase of a digital device, the electronic loan meets this need.

However, it is recommended that electronic loans be used instead in exceptional cases and in response to an immediate need. Indeed, it must be borne in mind that borrowing money also costs money, so it would not be wise to finance all your electronic devices with this type of loan.

Do I have to meet special conditions to qualify for this loan?

To find out the requirements for obtaining an electronic loan, we invite you to consult our loan guide.